When Head & Shoulders Meets Sex


5 Illustrations of Brand Safety Violations

No matter the nature of your business, the quality of your online advertisements during a marketing campaign, including how and where they are visible, are crucial for your success. In our previous blog post we explained the issue of brand safety. Let’s see some examples now:

#1 Well… You just simply can not watch this GIF without a super fast internet connection, right?



#2 Targeting the right audience is the key to a successful campaign. Special holiday offer for kids on a manga site? Nah…

Képernyőfotó 2016-08-25 - 16.01.06



#3 We wonder how many of Snoop Dogg’s fans buy an expensive microscope. These ads are quite out of context.



#4 We are not sure if Toyota really wanted to advertise on an extreme dating site. Dating sites are very popular when high traffic has to be generated.



#5 So, this is how Head & Shoulders meets sex. Quality should be more important than quantity.


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