The reward of giving back


The summer has come on full throttle and the team could feel it in the city of Budapest. As a way to escape the heat of the concrete jungle and enable bonding within the team, we held our second annual gathering this week at Nagyréde. After the professional events of the first day, the second day was about giving back and helping a noble cause.

ASK, and ye shall receive

Enbritely, as a team felt compelled to show gratitude for all we have and also to set an example for others – both individuals and corporations. Searching for an adequate way to show this gratitude, we found Zsuzsanna, a lovely lady organizing events of this sort. She connected us with the Autista Segítő Központ (ASK). ASK was founded in 1999 and is currently helping the life of nearly 45 families that are having different degrees of hardship due to autism. We visited the organization’s residential home, where they tend to the needs of 10 youngsters with autism.
Organised by Zsuzsanna, the enbritely team helped in tasks around the house. First, we got introduced to Barbara Kakuk-Hegyi, the manager of the residential home, as well as Eszter, a resident, who showed us her room and explained what her hobbies are, how her days look like and what makes her happy. After this we got shown around, got a closer look at how nurses make the everyday social life easier for the youngsters: everyone has a busy day in the home, tiny cards signaling each chore, and another set of cards with smiley faces to show that the task is done. Everyone’s shoes are labelled with a different color, tiny pictures on the wall depict basic activities – like walking – to make it more understandable, and so many more tiny details are taken care of.
After getting this warm welcome, we turned our attention towards the garden. We had our work cut out for us, but we were up to the challenge, as always. In the meantime, Eszter made lots and lots of pictures of us, as it is one of her hobbies as well. After a few hours of work, we enjoyed the shadow and the generous wining and dining prepared for us. Following this intermission the enbritely team finished up the rest of the work and was ready for saying goodbye. We were prepared to surprise the youngsters with presents and for all the emotions that come with it, but we were the ones that got surprised. Every one of us received a handmade gift and the team as a whole got a picture painted with a special technique – handmade by the youngsters, of course – as well as they all singed a postcard expressing gratitude for the help. Time for manly teardrops.

Self-rewarding help

Besides the buzzword “CSR” and the genuine willingness to help, we chose ASK as the target of our efforts for two reasons: 1, people know quite little about what autism really is and we hope to raise awareness and 2, as a result of misconceptions, our industry (IT) – or at least the people working in it – are sometimes being labelled as “strange” or even autistic.
Without going into the details, not all people with weaker social skills are autistic and not all autistic people are incapable of communication. A quite surprising insight we gathered was that corporations and individuals tend to offer financial help only, which is more than welcome, but they almost never give the actual physical work that would be needed quite as much. Our one day of work meant a great help for them and they couldn’t express their gratitude.
The experience turned out to be more than team-building, it was soul-building for all of us, putting our situation into perspective and making us thankful for being able to help others instead of requiring help from others. Nothing could bond us more together than the gratitude we have towards life itself.

We decided to follow-up on the developments to offer further help during the summer. We suggest you join us. Offering a helping hand is always self-rewarding.

Written by Andris


Head office: Kis Erzsébet, Head of institution, +36-37-500-417
The Home itself: Kakuk-Hegyi Barbara, Head of the Home, +36-37-322-867

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