Enbrite.ly partners with Studio Binär to expand in DACH and CEE


Enbrite.ly and the Vienna-based business development agency Studio Binär significantly extends their reach for new clients in the DACH and CEE markets.

Enbrite.ly aims at a near-100% accuracy in “finding humans on the Internet” for the purposes of online advertising. The solution monitors traffic sources and reveals hidden fraud activity such as botnets for full transparency in digital transactions. Botnets are networks of computers controlled without the users being aware, typically for criminal activities including various forms of digital ad fraud. Bot fraud is expected to suck over $6 billion from the digital advertising industry in 2015, according to a report from the Association of National Advertisers.

“We believe in transparency,” said Gergő Varga, co-founder of Enbrite.ly “and we can help restore full trust in online advertising. We’re amplifying the conversation about advertising fraud in Europe and scaling our operation far and wide.”

To extend Enbrite.ly’s reach in the DACH and CEE markets, the company partners with Vienna-based business development agency Studio Binär (www.studiobinaer.com), a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (http://www.iab-austria.at/). The agency works with a wide portfolio of partners from Switzerland to Greece. Akos Szabo, the managing director of Studio Binär is an internationally seasoned professional and a veteran of digital advertising originally from Budapest. He is contributing to the Programmatic/Real Time Advertising Workgroup of IAB Austria and in 2012 he received the IAB Hungary Award.

“The rapidly increasing rate of fraud is one of the most pressing challenges of the digital advertising industry.” said Akos Szabo, Managing Director of Studio Binär. “The dynamic development of advertising technology a brings with it a variety of sophisticated criminal activities previously unheard of. We are proud to be Enbrite.ly’s evangelists and business developments partners in the DACH markets and the CEE.”

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